Tier 2, targeted, group-based interventions are designed to serve students who have not responded to Tier 1 interventions. The 10-15% of students in Tier 2 are considered at-risk for more severe behavioral problems and/or academic deficits (Lewis & Sugai, 1999; Sugai & Horner, 2002). Essentially, the interventions at this level are more focused than Tier 1 and less intensive than Tier 3. 

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Key Features of Tier 2 Interventions:

  • Continuously available
  • Accessible within 72 hours of referral
  • Very low effort by teachers
  • Aligned with school-wide expectations.
  • Implemented by all staff/faculty in a school.
  • Flexible and based on assessment.
  • Function-based
  • Allocated adequate resources
  • Student chooses to participate.
  • Continuously monitored

Wanting to build Tier 2? Take time to think through readiness. It will help you build more successful systems and practices. Continue to assess your school-wide systems with the TFI assessment. 

Tier 2 Assessments and Action Planning:

Additional Resources for Tier 2 Systems:


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