An Introduction to the Interconnected Systems Framework

The Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) is a structure and process to integrate Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and School Mental Health within school systems. The goal is to blend resources, training, systems, data, and practices in order to improve outcomes for all children and youth. There is an emphasis on prevention, early identification, and intervention of the social, emotional, and behavior needs of students. Family and community partner involvement is critical to this framework.

Midwest PBIS Network ISF Resources

Interconnecting School Mental Health and School-Wide PBIS

Installing an Interconnected Systems Framework at the School Level: Recommendations and Examples to Guide School Leadership Teams, Practitioners and Coaches

Installing an Interconnected Systems Framework at the District/Community Level: Recommendations and Strategies for Coaches and District Leaders

ISF District Implementation Assessment

ISF School Implementation Assessment

Educator Wellness

Educator Wellness Webinars: WellEducator: A Focus on Educator Wellness- This webinar series was presented by Dr. Renee VanNorman, WellEducator, LLC and made possible through generous funding from  the Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (NWMHTTC) and the Northwest PBIS Network.

Structural Supports to promote teacher wellbeing

Building a Culture of Staff Wellness 

Additional Mental Health Supports and Resources

Supporting Child and Student Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Mental Health Needs

An Ecological Approach to Suicide Prevention with Dr. Emma Elliott-Groves

Morning Mindfulness: Jefferson-Lincoln’s Social Emotional Learning Program

Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (NWMHTTC) Events



Presentations by Northwest PBIS Staff

Foundations of Prevention: Mental Health in a Multi-Tiered System, COSA Conference, June 2021