Learning and Networking Opportunities

The Northwest PBIS Network hosts a range of events for educators, administrators, PBIS/MTSS coaches, and support staff, including mental health providers. Our events are designed to meet you where you are at and help you meet your local goals. 

Join us in a learning event this year, or contact [email protected] for a free consultation to get you started. 

We have a great line-up for Fall & Winter 2023-2024.

Our web events are open to ALL members of the educational community!

*All times listed are Pacific Time

Did you know? Your team(s) can attend topical webinars and then set up a coaching session with  NWPBIS coaches to help you contextualize your implementation? 

Tier 1, Investing in Prevention

PBIS for Equity, A Book Study, Begins November 14, 2023.

Creating Equitable Practices in PBIS, Growing a Positive School Climate for Sustainable Outcomes (Hollins-Sims, Kaurudar, & Runge, 2023)

Join Northwest PBIS Network, Nevada APBS, and California PBIS in this short-form book study: Creating Equitable Practices in PBIS, Growing a Positive School Climate for Sustainable Outcomes (Hollins-Sims, Kaurudar, & Runge, 2023)

Facilitated by the co-authorsNikole Y. Hollins-SimsErica J. KaurudarTimothy J. Runge, this book study will provide the opportunity to deeply discuss creating equity through the PBIS framework. 


  • Discuss book chapters from the book Creating Equitable Practices in PBIS, Growing a Positive School Climate for Sustainable Outcomes By Nikole Y. Hollins-SimsErica J. KaurudarTimothy J. Runge

  • Describe how the PBIS framework can support your local equity work. 

  • Network with other PBIS implementers dedicated to improving equity in their school community

Purchase the Book , Creating Equitable Practices in PBIS, Growing a Positive School Climate for Sustainable Outcomes By Nikole Y. Hollins-SimsErica J. KaurudarTimothy J. Runge from Routledge, or another book vendor. 

All Webinar Times: 3:30-5:00 pm Pacific Time


Chapter Topic 

November 14, 2023

Setting the Foundation

November 28, 2023

Beginning the Journey

December 12, 2023

Implementation & Evaluation

January 10, 2024

Data Rich & Information Rich

January 24, 2024

Where do I go from here?

February 7, 2024

Action Planning and Coaching webinar with NWPBIS, CA PBIS Coalition, and Nevada APBS


Cost: $85 per person. Register HERE. 

Tier 1 Team Training Overview and Readiness - FREE Recorded Resource

Is your Tier 1 Team ready to re-boot your PBIS program? Do you have all the pieces in place to get your PBIS program started?

View this overview to help get ready for an excellent 2022-2023 year of PBIS and Behavior Support!

Who Should Watch? 

Tier 1 Team/members, Administrators, Parents, Educational Assistants: Whether you are just stepping into Tier 1 of PBIS or needing to refresh your established PBIS program, this free webinar will review critical features of Tier 1 readiness to maximize the likelihood your PBIS systems are successful. 

Webinar and Materials FREE, available HERE!

If your team is interested in Tier 1 Team Training email us at [email protected].

Tier 1 Team Training 2023-24

This cohort training model kicks off with a 2.5 day virtual training for any school team wanting to reboot their PBIS program or any team interested in starting implementation of PBIS to improve school climate, support all staff and students in a continuous improvement cycle, and develop action plans for continued sustainability of high fidelity implementation of this school wide behavior support program. This training model has been established to support the PBIS team in problem solving, capacity building, and continuously monitoring and measuring outcomes.


After the three day training is complete, join our team each month for our Virtual Coaching Community. Our Online coaching community provides information and examples of year-at-a-glance implementation activities, and they also provide an opportunity to network with other PBIS implementers!


Who Should Attend?

Tier 1 Teams-Teams should be composed of administrators, teachers, support staff, and other stakeholders interested in improving school climate and supporting all students and staff in a continuous improvement process. Teams should include members who represent these areas of expertise: Individuals able to provide (a) applied behavioral expertise, (b) coaching expertise, (c) knowledge of student academic and behavior patterns, (d) knowledge about the operations of the school across grade levels and programs. (Maximum 8 team members)


  • Compose a Tier 1 team to lead implementation and monitoring of school-wide behavior supports
  • Define behavioral expectations for your school
  • Establish a plan for teaching behavior and social emotional skills
  • Define system for handling problem behaviors
  • Establish an acknowledgement system for your school
  • Develop a professional development plan for staff
  • Implement an evaluation plan


3 Day Virtual Training: Completed

August 8, 2023: 9am-12pm PT, 1pm-3pm PT

August 9, 2023 9am-11am PT Work session with open Zoom-in assistance

August 10, 2023 9am-12pm PT, 1pm-3pm PT


Virtual Coaches Network  (3:45-4:45 pm PT)

  • September 14
  • October 12
  • November 16
  • December 14
  • January 18, 2024
  • February 15
  • March 14
  • April Join us in Tacoma for the NWPBIS Conference, April 24-26, 2024
  • May 9


Cost: $2,900 per team.

Registration for August dates now closed. Please contact [email protected] for more scheduling options. 


PBIS 101: An Introduction and Helpful Reminders to Re-Boot! 2023-24, in February.

PBIS 101 is a webinar series for anyone wanting to “get back to basics” and learn more about the basis of positive behavior interventions and systems in schools and programs serving youth. This series will get into the “why’s” and “how’s” of setting up a school-wide positive discipline system, will show you how PBIS is a Multi-tiered system of support for behavior response, and will give you the tools and confidence to do the work in your classroom, school, and district. Bring your questions and get ready to have a great time in collaboration with your colleagues and peers. This series will be held on Zoom and will be recorded for future reference. 

Who should attend: 

Anyone new to education or PBIS systems, or anyone who would like a refresher on the basics. Teachers, Educational Assistants, Administrators, School Counselors, Parents and Caregivers, and anyone else interested!

Webinar Dates:, Please select one date to attend

  • Oct. 17th, 2023 (3:45-5:00pm PT) Completed. 

  • Feb. 20th, 2024 (3:45-5:00pm PT)


$149 per person

Register HERE today! 

PBIS on the Bus! 2023-24

How do we extend Tier 1 PBIS onto the bus? School wide behavior expectations shouldn’t stop at the school door, let’s help all students have positive experiences on the bus and know what to expect when they are getting a ride to and from school. Bus drivers have enough to pay attention to while driving! When PBIS Tier 1 expectations are clear on the Bus, everyone has a safer ride.

In this workshop, we will review the basics of Tier 1 PBIS on the bus: Prevent problem behaviors, teach expectations, reinforce expected behaviors, and learn response strategies that adults can use to keep everyone safe and moving forward down the road.

Who Should Attend?  Bus drivers, transportation directors, district leadership, district level coaches, teachers, and anyone else who would be involved in bringing the PBIS program to the buses.  This will be a virtual workshop, held over Zoom. 


  • Learn prevention of problem behaviors

  • Learn to teach expectations and reinforce expected behaviors

  • Learn response strategies 

Webinar Date Options:

August 8 and August 10 10:30-12pm PT Completed


October 13th 9-12:15pm PT Completed


January 2nd, 2024 9-12:15pm PT, Register Today! (Jan 2 will be a recording)

Cost $179 per participant

Register HERE Today!

Tier 2, Small Group Interventions

Tier 2 Team Series Part 1: Overview and Readiness 2023-24

Tier 2 Teaming Check-In Check-Out: Overview and Readiness with  Dr. Billie Jo Rodriguez

Are you ready to move into Tier 2 Intervention Implementation? Whether you are just stepping into Tier 2 or are ready to sharpen your Tier 2 skills, register and receive this free on demand webinar to review critical features of Tier 2 readiness to maximize the likelihood your Tier 2 intervention systems are successful. 

We will review the foundation of a solid Tier 1 PBIS System as a key aspect of Tier 2 success, and then we will review key features of readiness related to visibility, leadership, political support, funding, training & coaching capacity, and implementation and outcomes evaluations. Additionally, we will do an overview of Check-in Check-out (CICO) as a foundational Tier 2 intervention within PBIS.

Register to receive the a recording you can watch on your own time (on your own or as a team). 

Then, after you watch the recording, come to a drop-in live question and answer session with Dr. Rodriguez.  Get all your Tier 2 questions answered!

Drop-In dates: 

August 15th 11-11:30am PT

September 11th 12:30-1pm PT

Register to receive the free recorded webinar 

Tier 2 Team Series, Part 1: Check-In Check-Out 2023-24
Tier 2 Advanced Check-In Check-Out: Fading and Intensifying 2023-24

For those familiar with and implementing Tier Two CICO system, this two part webinar will briefly review systematic procedures for fading students off CICO by teaching and

reinforcing self-monitoring among other strategies for fading CICO. Additionally, participants will learn how to use data to problem solve common challenges impacting successful  outcomes on CICO, including barriers to fidelity of implementation, modifying  CICO based on Functional Behavior Assessment, and intensity of supports. Participants will also apply lessons learned about fading and intensifying Tier 2 CICO to other  Tier 2 interventions.


1.Interpret data to guide decision making for fading or intensifying supports
2. See a systematic process for fading CICO supports
3.Recognize common barriers and design solutions to increase success on CICO
4.Understand how to incorporate key features of Tier 2 to other interventions to support social behavior success


Check in Check Out Book & Video:




Who should attend? Educators, Administrators, Ed. Assts, and anyone else working with students & Tier 2 Teams

  • Teams should be composed of administrators, teachers, clinicians, support staff, and other stakeholders interested in improving school climate, supporting all students and staff and continuous improvement. (Maximum 8 team members)
  • This series will be helpful if you are looking to advance your Tier 2 system and identify next steps in fading and/or intensifying interventions

Webinar Date: 

  • February 6th, 2024 9am-12pm PT

Register HERE.

Tier 2 Small Groups Social Skills 2023-2024

This webinar will walk school and district Tier 2 PBIS teams through the critical features of a successful Tier 2 system. We will discuss the rationale for Tier 2 systems, including how small group social/emotional skills instruction can be an effective Tier 2 PBIS practice, ensure participants have a solid understanding of social skills practices and systems (beyond just direct pull-out teaching), and review common pitfalls and lessons learned from school-based implementers’ experiences. This webinar will include lots of examples/materials for teams to utilize as templates when creating their own Tier 2 systems. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about critical features, action plan, and bring implementation questions to the session.


Who Should Attend? 

Tier 2 Teams/members – Teams should be composed of administrators, teachers, counselors/clinicians, support staff, and other stakeholders interested in improving school climate, and supporting all students, particularly those identified as at-risk, for continuous improvement. 


Webinar Date: 

January 23rd, 2024 9am-12pm PT

Register HERE.

Classroom, Coaches, and Administrator Supports 

Classroom Basics for the New Teacher 2023-24

Join us for “micro” PD on some of the tried and true teaching practices. If you are new to the field, or new to your district, these mini-series will help you lean on what works in the classroom. Our masterful trainers have decades of experience supporting general and special education settings and are ready to support you! 

Who Should Attend?

New teachers, teachers with emergency credentials, long term substitute teachers, administrators, mentor teachers (who are supporting new teachers), teachers working at a new grade level, specialists (Music teacher, PE teacher, etc.). 

Webinar Dates All sessions will be from 3:45-5pm PT and will be recorded for future viewing

Series 1) Getting Started: Teach, Practice, Reinforce, The Power of Routines, and Classroom Rules, Completed. 

  • September 26, 2023

  • October 3, 2023 

  • October 10, 2023

Series 2) Reset for Winter: Relationships and Avoiding Power Struggles, Revisiting Rules and Routines, Dignified Discipline 

  • January 9, 2024 

  • January 16, 2024 

  • January 23, 2024

Series 3) Spring Booster: “Dosing up” the Structure 

  • March 12, 2024

  • March 19, 2024
  • April 2, 2024

$279 per Series

15% discount if you register for all three series. 

Resources included, and sessions will be recorded for asynchronous viewing!

Register HERE!

Virtual Coaches Network 2023-24 FREE

Coaches Network Meetings highlight Year-At-A-Glance (YAAG) activities, share collective resources & examples, as well as timely reminders for evaluation. We discuss both school and district implementation activities and coaching.

Join us as we build positive relationships across the region, and share how we can individually, and collectively work smarter!

Who Should Attend? 

Any district, or school-based PBIS/MTSS coach, administrator, or team lead.

Webinar Dates (3:45 – 4:45 pm PT)

September 14

October 12

November 16

December 14

January 18, 2024

February 15

March 14

April Join us in Tacoma for the NWPBIS Conference, April 24-26, 2024

May 9

Cost: FREE!

Register HERE

FIRST EVER! PBIS District Coaches Academy, 2023-24, Spaces Limited!

PBIS District Coaches Academy
Northwest PBIS Network and the SMART Center at UW are thrilled to announce the launch of PBIS District Coaches Academy. Our teams have combined their expertise to bring YOU the most up to date, relevant coaching content and strategies for Tiers 1, 2, and 3. If you have new regional staff, or you have districts who are growing their PBIS capacity this Academy is for you! 

The objectives of the Academy are as follows:

  • Build fluency in critical features of Tier 1, 2, and 3 school wide PBIS implementation, including the most recent research in PBIS as a tool for establishing equitable learning environments, and supporting students’ wellness and mental health
  • Gain and/or refine coaching skills related to the PBIS framework, 
  • Contextualize the provided templates and example documents to fit the local strengths and needs, while adhering to critical features of PBIS implementation, 
  • Network with other district and regional coaches, and 
  • Identify reliable, valid resources for PBIS implementation.


The anticipated start date of the Coaches Academy is October 5, 2023.

To apply, please complete an application by Septemeber 20, 2023. 


Cost and Time Commitment  

A registration link will be sent to individuals after review of the application.  The Academy runs from October to May, and the cost is $6,000/person. This cost represents training in Tiers 1, 2, and 3, and over 12 days of total training and coaching time. Academy time includes the opportunity for one-on-one coaching by NWPBIS or SMART Center trainers.   

Please complete this application to get the process started.  Need more information? Email [email protected]

Three tiers of coaching, and the integration of equity and mental health make this a unique, rich opportunity that is unparalleled in the region! 

Join us and be a part of our inaugural Coaches Academy and receive an endorsement from Northwest PBIS Network and the SMART Center.

Tier 3, Individual & Intensive Supports

De-Escalation: From Prevention to Response 2023-24

This two-part series is a MUST attend for educators, para-professionals, administrators, substitutes, bus-drivers, and parents! Dr. Billie Jo Rodriguez brings her experience as a school psychologist and behavior analyst and breaks down powerful prevention and response strategies. 

Who Should Attend

Educators, para-professionals, administrators, counselors, bus-drivers, family members, and substitute teachers! 


Understand why behavioral escalations occur

  • Mechanism for what works and what doesn’t

  • Brief review of neurological, biological, and psychological reasons for escalations

Learn strategies for preventing and responding to behavioral escalations

  • Foundation in relationships

  • Maximizing structure & agreements for routines

  • Recognizing and responding in an escalation cycle


Webinar Dates 

November 1st 3:30-5pm PT

November 8th 3:30-5pm PT

$150 for the series

Registration now closed. If you’re interested in webinar recordings or custom training for your district, please email [email protected]

Functional Behavior Assessment & Behavior Intervention Planning 2023-24

Do you feel frustrated by misbehavior that seems to occur on repeat for individual students that exceeds your Tier 1 and Tier 2 supports? Do you want to understand why behaviors happen and how to prevent, replace, and respond to challenging behaviors? If you’re looking to increase equity in your social behavior responses and would like to learn more about how behavior is communication, this series is for you. We will provide tools, resources, and practices to build your skills. Participants will leave each session with practical, hands-on tools and strategies for conducting FBAs to understand and improve student (and educator) success.

The series: Across the sessions, we will dive into understanding how pro-social and problem behavior patterns develop. Participants will receive tools and opportunities to practice functional behavioral assessment interviewing and direct observations to inform the development of competing behavior pathways. This understanding will lead to content where participants learn to develop interventions that provide socially appropriate replacement behaviors as well as prevention and reinforce/response strategies to shape new behaviors as part of culturally responsive behavior intervention plans. We will also provide tools and considerations for supporting and measuring implementation fidelity of behavior support plans as well as defining and measuring student social behavior outcomes.


Who should attend? Educators serving in roles to lead teams in informal and formal functional behavior assessments will leave each session with practical, hands-on tools and strategies for conducting FBAs to understand and improve student (and educator) success.

Webinar Dates & Times: 

October 5, 2023 12:30-2 pm PT

October 12, 2023 12:30-2pm PT

October 19, 2023 12:30-2pm PT

October 26, 2023 12:30-2pm PT

November 2, 2023 12:30-2pm PT


$300 for the series, 7.5 Educator CEU’s

Registration now closed. If you’re interested in webinar recordings or custom training for your district, please email [email protected]

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