Event Series Virtual Coaches Network

Virtual Coaches Network


Coaches Network Meetings highlight Year-At-A-Glance (YAAG) activities, share collective resources & examples, as well as timely reminders for evaluation. We discuss both school and district implementation activities and coaching. We […]


Event Series Tier 1 Team Training

Tier 1 Team Training


This cohort training model kicks off with a 2.5 day virtual training for any school team wanting to reboot their PBIS program or any team interested in starting implementation of PBIS to improve school climate, support all staff and students in a continuous improvement cycle, and develop action plans for sustainability of PBIS! This activity-based training includes a workbook, breaks, and team time! The content integrates PBIS, best practices in academics, trauma-responsive strategies, and is equity centered! What more could you ask for?! After the three day training is complete, join our team each month for our Virtual Coaching Community. Our Online coaching community provides information and examples of year-at-a-glance implementation activities, and they also provide an opportunity to network with other PBIS implementers!   Who Should Attend?   Tier 1 Teams-Teams should be composed of administrators, teachers, support staff, and other stakeholders interested in improving school climate and supporting all students and staff in a continuous improvement process. Teams should include members who represent these areas of expertise: Individuals able to provide (a) applied behavioral expertise, (b) coaching expertise, (c) knowledge of student academic and behavior patterns, (d) knowledge about the operations of the school across grade levels and programs. (Maximum 8 team members) Objectives Compose a Tier 1 team to lead implementation and monitoring of school-wide behavior supports Define behavioral expectations for your school Establish a plan for teaching behavior and social emotional skills Define system for handling problem behaviors Establish an acknowledgement system for your school Develop a professional development plan for staff Implement an evaluation plan Dates for the Tier 1 Virtual Training:  August 8, 2023: 9am-12pm PT, 1pm-3pm PT August 9, 2023 9am-11am PT Work session with open Zoom-in assistance August 10, 2023 9am-12pm PT, 1pm-3pm PT

Event Series PBIS on the Bus

PBIS on the Bus


How do we extend Tier 1 PBIS onto the bus? School wide behavior expectations shouldn’t stop at the school door, let’s help all students have positive experiences on the bus […]

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