NWPBIS Network is unequivocally committed to equity for ALL students.

We are committed to our role as a change agent for more inclusive and equitable educational environments for our children and the adults who serve them. This commitment shapes our daily work.


NWPBIS Network is a private nonprofit organization that is part of a network of school districts, ESDs, community organizations and other stakeholders invested in creating positive systemic change in schools and other environments that serve children and youth in the Pacific Northwest region. 

NWPBIS Network recognizes the history of oppression that has resulted in ongoing disparities in treatment and outcomes for historically underserved and underrepresented communities in schools and other educational environments. These populations have been and continue to be defined by race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, different abilities, and first language. 

NWPBIS Network is committed to our role as a change agent for more inclusive and equitable educational environments for our children and the adults who serve them. Specifically, we recognize School-wide PBIS as a framework to reduce the use of out-of-school disciplinary practices like suspension and expulsion and to reduce the disproportionate use of suspension and expulsion with students of color, students with disabilities, and other historically underserved students. We recognize that SWPBIS is most effective in reducing educational disparities and disproportionate discipline when it is used with other promising strategies such as restorative practices, trauma-informed care, and others. 

  1. To increase equitable outcomes, the Board will undertake the following actions:
  2. The Board will review its strategic plan and ensure equity is addressed within that plan.
  3. The Board will increase the diversity of board members to ensure that multiple voices and perspectives are represented. The Board will increase communication with diverse stakeholders, including those who are skeptical that SWPBIS is an effective framework for underserved and underrepresented populations.
  4. The Board will provide professional development for board members on equity.
  5. The Board will use the following equity lens in board decision making: (1) What equity issues need to be considered for this discussion? (2) How are various groups advantaged or disadvantaged by this action? (3) What steps will we take to ensure that all stakeholders have a voice in the process or are invited to provide feedback? 
  6. The Board will add an equity question to the meeting evaluation check at the end of each meeting to monitor fidelity of implementation. 

NWPBIS Network is a learning organization. In undertaking this work, we recognize that we will likely make mistakes, and we own our responsibility for corrective action. 

If you would like to make a charitable donation please contact [email protected]  for more iformation. 

We appreciate our regional partners in the excellent work!

Ophelia’s Place in Eugene, OR:  Ophelia’s Place is a prevention based organization dedicated to helping girls make healthy life choices through empowerment, education and support.

Northwest Mental Health Transfer Technology CenterNorthwest Mental Health Transfer Technology enter (MHTTC) provides training and technical assistance (TA) in evidence-based practices (EBPs) in SAMHSA’s Region 10 (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington).

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Sound SupportsThe mission of Sound Supports is to provide schools and families with the needed supports so that all students can experience success. By focusing on systems, data, practices and outcomes, schools can learn how to best serve all students while supporting staff too. 


Jessica Swain-Bradway

Executive Director

[email protected]
C: 541-285-7441

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Terry Coad

Office Administrator

O: 503-726-5952

Sarah Pedersen

Data and Evaluation Coordinator

[email protected]
O: 503-726-5952

Board of Directors

Verne Ferguson


Director of Special Services (Retired), Oregon City School District

Suzy Harris


Attorney at Law (Retired)

Ron Tjaden


Child Development Specialist (Retired)  

Jinna Risdal


J. Risdal Educational Consultant, LLC

Pam Hallvik

Consultant, Pamela Hallvik LLC

Bert Eliason

Research Associate, Educational and Community Supports, University of Oregon

Chris Borgmeier

Associate Professor, Department of Special Education, Portland State University

Nancy Turner

Turner Group Coaching & Consulting

Kim Sherman

Attorney, Partner at Education, Environmental, & Estate Law Group, LLC

Hugh Flint

Continuous Improvement Partner OSPI, Office of System and School Improvement