NorthWest PBIS Network

Mission Statement

The Northwest PBIS Network’s mission is to establish and sustain safe, positive and inclusive learning environments for all.

Our Approach
In order to achieve our mission, The NorthWest PBIS Network provides children and youth an educational experience that ensures participation, engagement and social, academic and emotional success by serving State Departments, Legislatures, Regions/Districts, Schools and Early Childhood programs to benefit school and program staff, students, and families in the Pacific Northwest.  We do this through:

  • Leadership and advocacy activities that increase political support, visibility and funding for program wide/school wide PBIS implementation;
  • Training and technical assistance to develop and sustain local capacity (e.g. state, region, district, program) for leadership development coordination, training, coaching, evaluation, and behavioral expertise;
  • Fostering and facilitating opportunities for networking and development of networks to advocate for and support implementation of PBIS.
Belief Statements
The Network leadership and members believe that:

  1. Social-emotional and behavioral competencies are critical life skills that are an important part of school success, and promote and enhance students academic achievement.
  2. It is more effective to prevent rather than remediate problems.
  3. Collaboration is a best practice for enhancing systems capacity to support children.
  4. Effective systems are those that implement evidence-based practices in a manner that is durable and sustainable.
  5. Best practices in education involve meaningful collaboration between researchers and practitioners.
  6. Families are children’s first teachers and a critical ally in providing effective behavior support.
  7. Effective support systems and practices are sensitive to the unique needs of a diverse student population and the organizational culture.